Schumann Dreams® Dogs

The Schumann frequency for your four-legged friend!
Animals in particular react very sensitively to vibrations, frequencies and radiation. Especially before earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, the behavior of animals can be used to observe the changed vibrations of our planet.

The Schumann Dreams® Dogs insert for the dog or cat bed provides your four-legged friend with 7 valuable frequencies from Mother Earth. Schumann Dreams® Dogs protects your dog or cat from pathogenic interference fields and ensures that your pet can rest and relax.

The energy body of your pet is brought into its original vibration and harmonized. The body of your animal friend is holistically strengthened and revitalized.


Your animals will immediately feel the positive effects of Schumann Dogs

The frequency-energized insole is made of a 3mm thin bioavailable material. In the middle is a core made of stone pine and copper. 7 valuable frequencies (including the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz) are introduced here.
These frequencies form an energetic protective screen around your animal.
The body's own processes of the animals are promoted and supported. Cell regeneration can take place optimally again. The animals have noticeably more energy, vitality and joie de vivre.

For sensitive animal souls: Schumann Dreams® Dogs
Schumann Dogs are only 3mm thin and can easily be placed under the dog or cat bed. Create an oasis of well-being for your pet with these inserts for the dog or cat bed.
Animals in particular are particularly sensitive to environmental influences, radiation and frequencies. With Schumann Dogs you keep these pathological interference fields away from your dog or cat. The animals can really rest while they sleep.
The body can regenerate ideally. Your pet will thank you with a vital, harmonious and healthy friendship.

Legal notice:
The Schumann Dreams® Dogs have a purely energetic effect and are not a medical product. The use of Schumann Dreams® Dogs is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. In the current scientific standards, electromagnetic fields are not considered harmful to health. We at Schumann 7.83® do not make any promises of healing. (The producer of the Schumann 7.83® products and the Schumann Dreams® Dogs)
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