Schumann Bodyguard® Travel

Your daily companion on the car key. The Schumann Bodyguard Travel is your reliable companion on the bunch of keys.
Our digital and technological world is increasingly permeated by disruptive frequencies. They throw our bodies and our brains out of rhythm. Microwaves, radio waves, WLAN - the number of frequencies is constantly increasing. Many people notice the influence of radiation, and the trend is increasing.

The body reacts to environmental influences with insomnia, depression and a lack of concentration. Normally the heartbeat of the earth, the Schumann frequency, envelops us in an optimal vibration. We feel these beneficial frequencies above all when we are in nature. In the middle of the forest, far away from mobile phone masts and WLAN routers, our body and brain can vibrate optimally surrounded by valuable natural frequencies.

It is precisely these natural and valuable frequencies that we at Schumann 7,83 make use of: We have developed a process to modulate these valuable natural frequencies on our products. The Bodyguard Travel easily attaches to a keychain and forms a protective screen around your body. It is available in four different colors and keeps your body in harmony and balance even in the electromagnetic field in the car.

The Schumann frequency and other natural frequencies ensure vitality, concentration, physical well-being and support your body in remaining in harmony despite the effects of radiation from outside. Our technique is based on a harmonizing symbiosis of natural frequencies, which were modulated in the stone pine and copper core in a process we developed. The Bodyguard Travel is encased in a bioavailable material.

The Bodyguard Travel is an indispensable companion in everyday life, especially for frequent drivers and professional drivers. After just a few hours you will notice the difference and go through everyday life relaxed, vital and energized.

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