Schumann Bodyguard® S
We developed the Schumann Bodyguard® S to provide you with additional, passive active frequencies throughout the day. The Schumann Bodyguard® S forms an energetic protective screen around you and thus balances out the disruptive radiation and frequencies in our environment. More and more radiation and interference frequencies are bombarding us in everyday life: mobile phone radiation, electromagnetic fields, WLAN and much more. ensure that the valuable natural frequencies of our planet are less and less able to penetrate to us. However, frequencies such as the Schumann frequency of our earth ensure that our organism can vibrate in harmony and balance. The consequences of these missing natural frequencies are manifold. More and more people suffer from lack of sleep, lack of concentration, headaches and restlessness. The Schumann Bodyguard® S provides strength, energy and endurance in everyday life. Cell regeneration is stimulated and concentration increased. The natural frequencies can positively influence the organ energies and the vegetative nervous system. With the bodyguard, you wear your personal protective shield on your body. You will notice its positive multiple effects after a short wearing time.
At the heart of the Schumann Bodyguard® S is a stone pine and copper core on which 7 valuable natural frequencies are modulated using a special process. These frequencies form an energetic protective screen around your body and encourage your body's natural power and strength.
The bodyguard is covered with a bioavailable material. Put the Schumann Bodyguard® S in your trouser pocket, backpack or sports bag. It is your personal bodyguard for on the go, during sports and in your free time. The Schumann Bodyguard® S is an innovative product that keeps the brain and body functions in harmonious balance. The better your body can be kept in its natural frequency, the better it can regenerate and thank you with vitality, energy and balance. You will feel the difference after just a few hours of wearing.
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