Schumann 7.83® Dreams Kids

Our children need a restful, peaceful sleep!
The Schumann 7.83 ® Dreams Kids bed inserts are also available for our little treasures. With these bed inserts you ensure a restful, regenerating sleep for your child. The bodies of our children and babies are harmonized with the supporting frequencies of Mother Earth during sleep.

The Schumann Dreams Kids bed pads have a core made of stone pine and copper, which is charged with seven valuable frequencies. This energy core forms a protective shield around our bodies and brings the body and our brain back into balance.
With the Schumann Dreams Kids bed inserts you don't let disturbing energies, radiation and frequencies into the children's room.

The valuable frequencies of the bed insert for children ensure a peaceful sleep for your darling. The body can recover and grow well during sleep, the brain can process the impressions of the day very well. The organ energies are also brought into harmony.


Children grow and process in their sleep:

A restful sleep is extremely important, especially for children and babies. During sleep, the body develops and grows, the child's brain processes the information of the day during sleep and develops further.
It is all the more important that our children can sleep well without being disturbed from outside. And rested children are also a blessing for parents, grandparents and carers. You will then be balanced, physically fit, full of energy and thirst for action.
The best conditions to take the world by storm and discover new adventures

Well-rested children are real bundles of energy & adventurers:

Schumann Dreams Kids bed pads are only 3mm thin and made of bioavailable material. They can simply be placed under the fitted sheet in the children's bed or cot. Our high-quality frequency-energized bed pads are energized with the Schumann frequency and other beneficial frequencies. The bed pads especially for children promote the development and regeneration of the body and support the development of the brain. Experience happy and adventurous children who are motivated to grow into their lives.
With the Schumann Dreams Kids bed inserts you get your protective screen for the children's bed.

Legal notice:
The Schumann Dreams Kids® have a purely energetic effect and are not a medical product. The use of Schumann Dreams Kids® is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. In the current scientific standards, electromagnetic fields are not considered harmful to health. We at Schumann 7.83® do not make any promises of healing. (The producer of the Schumann 7.83 products and the Schumann Dreams®)
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