Schumann 7.83® AQUA S for apartments, houses, businesses

The power of natural frequencies for effective water harmonization: With the Schumann 7.83® AQUA S for apartments, houses and your business, you have a simple and effective product in your hand to get your tap water back into the right vibrations.

This innovation is the simplest solution to experience the naturalness of water in its restored or perfected frequency spectrum.

The AQUA S mat is an uncomplicated system to re-energize your water. You simply choose the right AQUA S (as required), it is simply attached with cable ties directly to the central water pipe after the water meter.

The Schumann 7.83® AQUA S for the main water pipe system is a further development based on our successful product: Schumann 7.83® AQUA.

With the AQUA S, additional frequencies were modulated. We have thus introduced a special, natural frequency pattern directly into the stone pine and copper core. The special arrangement of the cores was also Schumann 7.83® AQUA S adapted to the changed requirements.

While the small AQUA energy mat is designed to energize water glasses and carafes, you can use the AQUA S to energize all your tap water in the house, apartment or office. This technology enables us, with the Schumann 7.83 Aqua S, to "frequency energize" the flowing water in the pipe at the assembly point and to stabilize the quality over a long pipe route.

You will immediately feel the difference in taste, and you can also feel a difference on your skin and hair immediately after showering or bathing. The water has an increased dissolving power, less limescale deposits and increased system protection. The water has a full flavor and is easier to drink. Finely structured water is more cellular and increases the sense of well-being. Our customers tell us about more vitality and balance.

Choose your Schumann AQUA S according to your needs:
- For the single faucet (or under the sink)
- For the apartment or the family house
- For apartment buildings, hotels or large companies

Attach the Schumann 7.83 AQUA S to the central water pipe with cable ties: Attention, please attach after the water meter.

At the core of the Schumann 7.83 AQUA S, specially designed natural frequencies oscillate, which are surrounded by a bioavailable shell. Our products are handcrafted to the highest quality in Europe. If necessary, clean your Schumann 7.83® AQUA S with a damp cloth.

For legal reasons, we would like to point out that water energization is not scientifically recognized. Get yourself
an impression e.g. by testing Schumann 7.83® AQUA S.
The Schumann 7.83® AQUA S has a purely energetic effect and is not a medical product.
The use of Schumann 7.83® AQUA S is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have full approval
of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. In the current scientific standards, electromagnetic fields are considered not
We at Schumann 7.83® do not make any promises of healing. (The producer of the Schumann 7.83® products and the
Schumann 7.83® AQUA S).
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