Schumann 7.83® Body Cells
Strengthen your body energies with the Body Cells:
Your Schumann 7.83® Body Cells Mat is your mobile energy filling station. For thousands of years, Far Eastern healing practices and naturopathic teachings have taught us how important it is to keep the energy body free from disturbing influences. This is the only way life energy can flow. Our energy body consists of our chakras or energy centers and the meriadians - our energy highways.
Our energy centers and guidelines are not working freely and fluidly, our energy body is not in flow and in harmony.

We immediately feel the consequences of this: tiredness, lack of motivation, tension and discomfort up to migraines and pain blockages can be the result of this lack of life energy.
With the Schumann 7.83® Body Cells Mat you have your energetic flow in your own hands.
You simply stand on the mat in the areas outlined and allow yourself to be charged by the valuable frequencies of the body cell.
Notice the difference immediately: if your energies can flow freely and in a harmonious frequency through your body, you will immediately feel balanced, vital and motivated.

Life in flux with the harmonizing frequencies

With the MEDISANU Body Cells we open and positively charge our chakras and let valuable life energy flow through the meridians.
The frequencies of the MEDISANU Body Cells support cell renewal, organ activity and have a positive effect on our brain and memory performance.
By supporting the cells in their regeneration, the aging process is slowed down and the hormone balance can level off well with the support.
The pineal gland is activated and intuition is promoted.

Living in harmony with positive vibrations:

Those who feel physically strong and fit and mentally balanced live a more balanced life.
Our mental body (our psyche) also needs a strong, positive basis. Because our thoughts create reality. Body and mind must be in positive harmony in order to be able to lead a carefree and vital life.

However, the diverse burdens that our mind and body are confronted with in everyday life do not decrease. On the contrary. Our engineered and digital world is becoming ever denser and more diverse, the impact of the most diverse influences of waves, frequencies and radiation is increasing.

Simply charge yourself with MEDISANU Body Cells:

The MEDISANU Body Cells Mat offers you the opportunity to regularly charge your body and psyche with valuable, beneficial frequencies. To do this, simply stand on the MEDISAN Body Cells with both feet (without shoes) and allow yourself to be supplied with powerful and harmonizing frequencies in just a few minutes.
Your energy body will be brought into its original, harmonious vibration, your mental body will be strengthened and you will be revitalized and charged.

In the first 10 days we recommend daily use (1-2 minutes) to get the body and brain used to the frequencies. After that you can use the MEDISANU Body Cells up to 3 times a day.
After about 30 seconds of each application, do 5-10 half squats to prevent energy build-up in the body.
Enjoy your everyday life with the MEDISANU BODY CELLS in a balanced, harmonious, powerful way.

Legal notice:
We expressly point out that the use of MEDISANU® Body Cells is not a medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. The entire field of energetics (energetic teaching) has not yet been explored for conventional medicine and science. MEDISANU® products are not medicinal products! We expressly point out that MEDISANU® makes no promises of healing. The use of MEDISANU® products does not include any medical therapy and in no way replaces a visit to a doctor. We are therefore obliged to point out that our MEDISANU® products cannot have any healing effects according to current scientific knowledge. The MEDISANU® Body Cells and all MEDISANU® products have a purely energetic effect. - The manufacturer of MEDISANU® products.
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