Schumann 7.83® Flexi Office

How about a day in the office filled with more energy, concentration and productivity?

Schumann 7.83® Flexi Office is made from a special, bioavailable material and is your companion in the office. Inside this seat cushion there is a pine wood and copper core, onto which the Schumann frequency and 6 other natural frequencies are modulated in a special process. These natural frequencies envelop you throughout the workday and form a protective screen around your body.

The stone pine and copper cores are positioned (back, left, right) so that they provide the body with the best possible 7 actively harmonizing frequencies. Equilibrium, balance, focus and concentration are your companions in everyday work.

Your body is charged, harmonized and the ability to regenerate is increased. Experience more concentration and focus and surpass yourself in the office with Schumann 7.83® Flexi Office. The influence of external frequencies and electromagnetic fields has been intensively researched for decades. The effects on our organism are sufficiently documented. However, we can hardly identify these fields and frequencies (especially in everyday work). With the Schumann 7.83® Flexi Office seat pad, you support the body and mind in vibrating at their natural frequency.
Experience how you can drive home full of vitality after a successful day at work.

Body and mind must be in balance so that the organ energies and our body and brain functions can work harmoniously and powerfully. The frequencies of our high-tech world are having an increasing influence on our fine system. In addition to physical symptoms, more and more people are complaining about mood swings, sleep disorders and exhaustion.

The earth has a variety of valuable frequencies for us, which normally envelop us and ensure a harmonious vibrational state of our body and mind. This energy can have an increasingly difficult effect on us, the energetic influences of our environment are too great.

In decades of research, we have developed a technology with which we can apply the Schumann frequency and 6 other natural frequencies to a pine wood-copper core. With our products you ensure an energetic balance of your body and brain. You bring your body back into a harmonious, natural balance.

Frequency-energized chair pad, approx. 37x32 cm
Upper part made of Alcantara combined with Derma Eco Leather (the copper cores are incorporated here).

Sitting position: the Alcantara surface is the seat, the back is marked with a Medisanu sticker.
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 2, EN ISO 10993-5
Handmade in Europe
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