Schumann Bodyguard Sport

Your companion for increased performance and balance:
With the Schumann Bodyguard Sport you actively support your body.
Our sports series has been supplemented with special frequencies for activation and increased performance. In addition to the harmonizing effect of the Schumann frequency, these special frequencies promote your athletic performance, endurance, energy and regeneration.

The modulated frequencies form a protective screen against external radiation and frequencies. In our digital and technological world, a large number of radiations flow into our bodies and brains.
These interference frequencies cause overstimulation, a drop in performance and fatigue in our fine body system.
It is hardly possible for us to escape the radiation in everyday life.

With the Schumann Bodyguard Sport you have a personal companion to support you at your side.
It is just as suitable for recreational athletes as it is for competitive athletes and supports your vegetative nervous system, your energy and endurance and ensures good concentration and focus.


More power through positive frequencies

The basic frequency of the Schumann frequency is 7.83 Hertz. Exactly the area of ​​our brain that lies between the theta and the alpha range.
This harmonic frequency supports our sophisticated body system in the best possible way.

The effects of disruptive electromagnetic fields on our body and brain functions have been researched and documented since around 1950. If we are constantly exposed to interference waves from outside, our body can react with discomfort, restlessness, sleep disorders, a drop in performance and tiredness.

With the Schumann Bodyguard SPORT you have a training partner at hand who keeps your body harmonized and balanced.
You are efficient, increase your endurance, your focus and your concentration.
The Bodyguard SPORT ensures good physical and mental energy and has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and regeneration after sport.

How frequencies and radiation affect our body and its performance:

Our body is a sophisticated system of finely tuned processes. If only a small sub-process is disturbed, we get into disharmony.
Fatigue, poor performance and sleep disorders are the result of these imbalances.
Our technological environment allows interference frequencies to affect our bodies on a daily basis. Our body's natural energy field is out of balance. 4G, 5G, microwaves and radio waves affect our central nervous system and important areas of our brain.

Our performance decreases, the body takes longer to regenerate and our vital energy decreases. Our athletic performance and abilities decrease. With the Bodyguard SPORT you have a training companion at hand that shields you from these harmful radiations and frequencies outside and can have a positive effect on your athletic performance.

Performance, energy, endurance with the Bodyguard SPORT

The Schumann Bodyguard SPORT is your high-quality training partner. You can easily put it in your trouser or jacket pocket, or simply wear it around your neck.
The sophisticated frequencies were developed over years of research and are hoof-modulated onto a pine wood-copper core and packaged in a bioavailable material.
It promotes your potential for strength, energy, performance and regeneration and uses its frequencies to build a protective screen around your body and brain.

The Schumann Bodyguard® SPORT has a purely energetic effect and is not a medical device. The use of the Schumann Bodyguard® SPORT is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. In current scientific standards, electromagnetic fields are not considered harmful to health. We at Schumann 7.83® do not make any promises of healing. (The producer of the Schumann 7.83® products and the Schumann Bodyguards® SPORT)
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