Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office

When your home & office become a feel-good center:
We spend most of our lifetime in our homes or at our workplaces. It is therefore of immense importance that we can not only feel good in these places, but that our body and mind can optimally relax here.

It is not for nothing that tension, burnout and depression have increased. In our high-tech, digital and fast-paced world, it is difficult for our body and mind to relax.

With the Schumann Bodyguard Home & Office you harmonize pathogenic interference fields and leave mobile phone radiation and disruptive frequencies at the door.
With the Bodyguard Home & Office you create a harmonious, energetic environment for working, living, loving and laughing.


Radiations and frequencies can stay outside!

The Schumann Bodyuard Home & Office forms a feel-good bubble around your home and office. It harmonizes radiation from WiFi, cell phone masts, earth rays and much more.
The Bodyguard Home & Office creates a harmonious, energized environment for you to work efficiently and live vitally.
Your energy body is brought into its original vibration, the Schumann frequency brings your brain into its comfort zone.
The organ energies can flow again and your ability to concentrate is promoted.

Living & working in harmony:

The Schumann Bodyguard ensures harmonious vibrations in all living and working spaces. It has an impact radio of up to 18 meters and can easily be taken from room to room. It activates your energy system and supports your inner peace and balance. The Schumann Bodyguard Home & Office increases your motivation and ability to concentrate, while at the same time balancing your body and mind.

With the power of the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz we bring our body and brain back into balance. External interference fields lose their power. Your living and working spaces become relaxation areas with the Schumann Bodyguard Home & Office.

Legal notice:

The Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office has a purely energetic effect and is not a medical product. The use of the Schumann Bodyguard® Home & Office is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical care. The technology presented here does not have the full approval of conventional medicine, science and doctrine. Frequencies, energies and vibrations are officially considered irrelevant for supporting the human body. In the current scientific standards, electromagnetic fields are not considered harmful to health. We at Schumann 7.83® do not make any promises of healing. (The producer of the Schumann 7.83® products)
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