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I am 63 years old and have worked as a truck driver for 30 years. The result: When I retired, I had constant back pain and major sleeping problems. I am now wearing the Schumann 7.83 Insoles, after just 8 weeks my back pain has almost gone. I'm sleeping better than ever. These products are a great blessing for many people.
Janek, 63
I suffered from restless leg syndrome with enormous pain. The nights in particular were a nightmare. I had to take strong medication to endure the pain. Since I've been carrying the bodyguard with me, I've been feeling better and better. In consultation with my doctor, I was even able to stop taking the medication. I no longer have symptoms and pain.
Irene, 70
I have the Schumann 7.83 Insoles and Dreams. Since I've been moving through the day with the Insoles, my feet aren't as heavy and my knee pain is gone as well. I feel more agile. With the Schumann 7.83, my sleep problems vanished. I sleep deeply and soundly, wake up refreshed in the morning. I am thrilled and would really like to recommend the products to you.
I unpacked the Schumann 7.83 shoe insoles with great anticipation. I immediately felt the energy flow, have increased perception, stability, well-being and vitality. The bodyguard and the insoles together are simply unique and perfect. All-round protection for me, no matter where I am. Now my husband and I have treated ourselves to the Schumann 7.83 Dreams. Since then we both sleep wonderfully and wake up super regenerated and relaxed. Thanks for this great innovation.
Gertrud & Herbert
I was in a car accident in 1999 and the cartilage in my hip broke off. In the last 10 years the pain has gotten progressively worse. A small miracle has happened to me in the last few days: Since I've been wearing the Insoles, the pain in my hips has gone! The cushioning is also very gentle on the body in all areas. I hope the development continues like this and I can cancel or delay my surgery appointment. Thanks!
Joseph Pfeiffer
I'm 90 years young, and Jürgen Riegler's products have been with me for over 20 years. I am energetic, cook for my family almost every day, drive the car, like to help others, sleep deeply and well every night and am full of energy. In short: With the right frequencies, I simply feel younger, better and enjoy life.
Mrs. Ella
Jörg's 86-year-old mum is totally enthusiastic: "My mum is totally enthusiastic about the Medisanu bed insert! She woke up without pain and got out of bed immediately vital. Even despite today's cooking orgy from her, she still has no back pain. She is me right around the neck! It doesn't get any better than that!
George H
I am a certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach, athletic trainer and human energetics specialist. I would like to share my exciting experiences with our products with you. I energetically tested a customer to see how many Bovis units (life energy) she had. It was 12,000 Bovis. Then she picked up her mobile phone - the Bovis value immediately fell by 3,000 units, then she made a call, which in turn cost her 3,000 units. I stuck the Bodyguard Phone on her cell phone: We were amazed! The energy rose immediately, even beyond its initial value. She suddenly had 14,000 units while using the Bodyguard Phone. Simply sensational!
Stephen Karner
Since my son and I have the new Schumann 7.83 Bodguard Phone, not only do I feel better, I also have the feeling that my little one is calmer and more balanced.
Martin with son
For many years, I would wake up for a while almost every night and have a hard time going back to sleep afterwards. Since my grandson put these little pads (Dreams) in my bed, that has completely changed. I can finally sleep through the night again and feel much more rested when I wake up.
Traude, 100
In my job and as a mother of three children, my mobile phone is always at my side. I would like to thank you for this extraordinarily good cell phone radiation protection. It's not just my feeling when I'm on the phone that's much, much better. I also feel that my vitality stays the same throughout the day even though I always carry the phone with me.
Dear Schumann 7,83 team: I am delighted with the amazing improvements that your products have made. My first product was the insoles for my 86-year-old mother, who says: "I walk in them like I'm in slippers!" And that, although up to then she had always had pain when walking. In the days that followed, her pain became less and less. Then we bought the Schumann 7.83 Dreams. Since then, she no longer has to sort her bones after waking up, she says. I myself am a convinced user of the Bodyguard, it is my constant companion. It grounds and calms me, I even hold it at night. the products of Schumann 7.83 work, period. I am glad that they enrich my life in such a way. Thank you very much!
George H
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