Entspannte Frauen in der Natur bei Sonnenuntergang. Mit der Schumann Frequenz entspannt und ausgeglichen leben. article image

Electromagnetic waves such as the Schumann resonance can not only be emitted by external sources, but can also be generated by us humans. Day and night, the human brain independently produces waves between 1 and 40 Hz, which can now be reliably measured using an electroencephalogram – EEG for short. Depending on the frequency, these brain waves are divided into delta waves, theta waves, alpha waves, beta waves and gamma waves.

Delta waves , which range between 1 and 4 Hz, are produced by our brain when we are in deep sleep.

Theta waves range from 4 to 8 Hz, which brings us into the well-known dream state, but we can also experience deep states of relaxation, creativity and intuition.

The alpha state , which lies between 8 and 12 Hz, is the relaxed waking state that we are usually in before falling asleep, shortly after waking up or during meditation.

The more our brainwaves get into the lower range of the alpha state, the higher the access to our own intuition and creativity.

The beta waves are waves between 12 and 38 Hz that bring us into an alert and alert state. These are mainly found in adults who are exposed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you stay in this state for a long time, you feel very stressed and creativity can also decrease significantly.

Waves from 38 Hz are called gamma waves and cause a strong focus and a high flow of information, but are often associated with mystical experiences. So it matters a lot what state you're in, as each triggers different changes.

In order for our brain to produce waves close to the Schumann Resonance, it is necessary to be in a relaxed state where the brain waves are on the threshold between the theta and alpha states. The Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz lies exactly in this frequency. The Schumann frequency is generated by our planet, normally we are surrounded by positive natural frequencies. In our technological and digital modern age, however, pathogenic interference fields such as mobile phone radiation and WLAN disturb these natural frequencies. With our products you can get a protective shield for you and your family in your life. With this you vibrate again in harmony with the heartbeat of the earth.